What does that mean to us? 

For years, our PCL color experts have been putting process control specifications in place to achieve the perfect gray balance on all printing equipment. This certification is an opportunity to continue to prove that our standards exceed expectations.

What is G7? 

The G7 Master qualification is a sought-after recognition of excellence in printing. A G7 Master Qualified printer, through very exacting process control meeting G7 standards, can simulate color locally as well as globally, across all types of output devices.

How does the certification work? 

To maintain our certification, we are required to submit, at regular intervals, samples of our prints for approval to the IDEAlliance board. To ensure consistency, we also schedule in-house maintenance and calibrations to upkeep the quality of our prints.

What, exactly, is, gray balance?

Gray balance is achieved through consistent equipment calibration. Using G7 standards and adhering to them, we ensure consistency throughout all graphic reproduction. Whether you’ve had one of your projects produced one year ago, or you are having it produced right this moment, our standards and maintenance ensure consistency throughout your orders.

For more information, please visit the IDEAlliance.org  or call us today, at 1-800-268-7744 to speak to one of our Account Managers.

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